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Please take some time to read through the following list to make sure we are all on the same page. 


Everyone, including members must register for class through wix or the website. Go to on your phone and it will show up. Download and follow the prompts. 



Mandatory 24 hours notice for cancelation. Please note that if you register, you are using one of our limited spots, if you do not come you or do not cancel with 24 hours notice you will be charged the price of the drop in for that class even if you are a member. There will be no refunds or transfers.

Outside shoes

Please respect the studio by taking off your shoes upon entrance. It is Mandatory to have a pair of shoes just for the studio. All students must bring clean dancing shoes with them or student will be asked to go barefoot. 

Also, don't wear your dance shoes outside  - This defeats the purpose.


Those wearing heels during class must make sure that their heels are appropriate for dancing - no Pole shoes. Pumps and platforms are NOT recommended.

The Gallery

When you first come into the studio take a right through the first door and walk into the Gallery. Use one of the cubbies to secure your belongings. No personal belongings are allowed in the studio space. THIS INCLUDES PHONES, purses/bags, jackets, etc... 

Phones/Apple watches

Phone usage and apple watches are prohibited in the dance space. It is highly disrespectful to your teacher to text or make phone calls during class. Don't be that person. If you must take a call please dismiss yourself. 

Dance With Me:

This class is taught as a follow along class. The cues are non verbal. Wear sneakers to this class.

All Classes:

It happens sometimes where only one student will show - KDFSTUDIO reserves the right to change the format of the class and shorten the time.


5 or more people are needed for all workshops. In the case that this doesnt happen your ticket can be transferred with no additional cost. 

Memberships/ Usage

If you are a member and you are not using your membership - you signed a contract and you will still be charged. 

Personal Hygiene

Please remember that you are sharing a space with others while sweating - proper use of hygiene products is encouraged so that everyone can enjoy the experience. 




Krissy arrives right on time or 5-7 min late. This is something that she works on daily. On Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays Krissy is coming from meetings that sometimes end right at 6:55pm (Which is when class starts) Please note that whatever time the class is scheduled for Krissy will give you. This is why we sometimes have a rolling start and a rolling finish. It mostly about the whole experience. 




KDFSTUDIO is a no drama no bullshit studio. No bullying, no cliques, 

Circle Time:

We start and end most classes in circle. Feel free to share as much or as little with the group. Know that because of this sometimes class goes overtimes - if you have to leave just tell the group you have to go. 


Bathroom/Changing area


There are no refunds.

Transferring of tickets/Credit:

We ask that you are committed to coming to the class or workshop that you signed up for. Credit for workshops is not given if you miss your event/workshop/ or class. EVEN IF YOU GIVE NOTICE.

As with all movement based classes - check with your doctor to make sure that it is ok for you to join. 

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