To ensure everyone’s safety it is important that you read our protocols before coming to class. We want everyone to feel as comfortable as possible. 


Please take some time to read through the following list to make sure we are all on the same page. 


Because class sizes are limited, everyone, especially members must register for class through wix. Go to on your phone and it will show up. Download and follow the prompts. Members are encouraged to only book one week at a time. If class is full please get on the waitlist. And remember zoom is still an option.



Mandatory 24 hours notice for cancelation. Please note that if you register, you are using one of our limited spots, if you do not come you or do not cancel with 24 hours notice you will be charged the price of the drop in for that class even if you are a member. Things come up last minute, I understand but take this into consideration as you are booking. If you are last minute canceling due to sickness, this is a different story, and you will not be charged. 


Screening Sheet

Before EACH class, everyone must complete the attached screening sheet. This can be done via screen shot in phone and texted to 5082748800 as we will be minimizing paper transactions. 



Please use hand sanitizer station after entering and before leaving we want keep all high touch areas as clean as possible.


Face Masks

For now masks will be mandatory for all Dance classes with the exception of Dance With Me. Basically if its not 100% cardio - wear a mask. If you are confused on this please ask. Always have a mask in your car or with you so you aren’t showing up without one. If you need a break you can go outside breathe and then come back in. Masks are mandatory if we have more than 6 persons in the room.


Dance With Me:

Even though we are not wearing masks while we work out and in this class it is still important that you have one with you upon entering and exit.


Personal Hygiene

Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands. Also remember to smell fresh so that everyone can breathe easy when participating in dance class. 



KDFSTUDIO is committed to cleaning and disinfecting all high tough areas. We will be on top of all of our cleaning daily so that you feel comfortable coming to dance. 


Outside waiting

It is encouraged that you wait outside until the door is open for you to come to class. There will soon be markers on the sidewalk to maintain 6ft. This is especially true for back to back classes. 




For butt class, we use weights. We will use the same protocols with this leave weights on floor by rack, (weights will  be wiped down before re racking). You are highly encouraged to bring your own weights.


Please limit the belongings that you bring into the studio to your dance shoes, and your phone and keys. NO BAGS. Leave them at home or in your car. Every spot your stuff has touched we will be sanitizing. 


Dance shoes

It is Mandatory to have a pair of shoes just for the studio. It is even more highly encouraged now this includes heels. We roll around on the floor in our Strut classes. Also, don't wear your dance shoes outside  - This defeats the purpose.



Theres no doubt about it we love each other at KDFSTUDIO. I will continue to ask that we do don’t hug or kiss each other. When class is over it is important that we do no congregate. We need to still maintain our distancing. When you come in, put your stuff down and then immediately go to circle.


Bathroom/Changing area

There will only be 4 people in the bathroom changing area at a time. 


There are no refunds.

Transferring of tickets/Credit:

We ask that you are committed to coming to the class or workshop that you signed up for. Credit for workshops is not given if you miss your event/workshop/ or class. EVEN IF YOU GIVE NOTICE.