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Time to TWERRRRRKKKK ladies! Grab your girls and BOUNCE with me!  Haven't you wanted to work on the art of shaking ass? I know I do! There are so many was to shake it and we are going to try it in every position imaginable! In a judgement free atmosphere we will Get hot, sexy, and fit™ with: -Twerk Drills  - Body and BUTT isolations  - Strength for legs and core! All together in a Hip Hop / Twerk Dance routine.  This class is all about sass, attitude and confidence!! Round up the homegirls and don't forget to bring knee pads!  What to wear: Wear what makes you feel sexy! I like to wear my favorite shorts and a tank!

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A slower, more seductive 'specialty' workshop of our popular weekly class, Strut™! Everyone has an inner sexy and it’s time to let it out! We show up for ourselves and free any judgments. We leave empowered and nourished; taking any ounce of freedom we have discovered in class to our day-to-day: Living sexy and wild - connected and carefree.


Its every girl’s dream to be able to do a split! Come and learn the techniques of stretching and preparing your legs for splits in this interactive dance workshop created just for you!! KDFSTUDIO’s exclusive SPlitSHOP™️ offers all the secrets for improving splits, in an upbeat, friendly atmosphere! No splitting experience necessary!   Class includes:  Full body warm up, Stretch techniques and body positioning. Sexy Dance hip hop routine including a modified or full split. 


Stripping it down even more, this is our foundations of Strut ™ class. Here is where we start our sexy journey.  Practice and play with our main power stances And poses.  Walking in heels to dance in heels( not mandatory).  Learn how to use the 6 elements of the body to make every day of your’s sexy. Interact with the floor in some sexy and simple floor play additions.  Every class finishes with a basic and super sexy dance routine! Styles of music include hip hop, r&b, dancehall, Afrobeat, pop

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