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Did someone say Dance party?? This is a cardio dance class! Dance with Me is our easy to follow hour long dance class. Learn 16 easy to follow fun dance routines, all choreographed by Krissy, to todays hottest hits! It's not about being perfect, its about moving, having fun, and listening the best beats! This class is follow along and is taught with visual cues so anyone no matter your language can follow!


This is the intro-est version of our heels class, Strut™️. 


Class is 1 hour. Heels are not mandatory! Though this class is built to help you know how to walk in heels. You can bring them, wear them and take them off if you want!


This is our beginner version of our popular sexy class, Strut ™! Learn a dance routine choreographed by Krissy! Everyone has an inner sexy and it’s time to let it out! This class is for the new dancer and any dancer looking to spend the time improving his or her style and badassery.


Class is 2 hours. Heels are not mandatory! 


In Strut™️ we understand our sexiness. We appeal what society says should be conserved and hidden and we move innately with our goddess bodies and flowing energy. We show up for ourselves and free any judgments. We leave our minds behind and we practice our dance senses. We express our needs and we ask questions as we develop our dance style.  We exude our confidence and nurture it to grow; we applaud our flaws.  We leave empowered and nourished; taking any ounce of freedom we have discovered in class to our day-to-day: Living sexy and wild - connected and carefreeStrut™️ is for anyone who trusts they are their number one priority, for those who are ready and willing to live body-positive, and for those who believe movement is a necessity.

All About


Strut™️  is our Heels dance class. Come as you are! heels or no heels, all bodies all people welcome!

Krissy is a skilled instructor and really knows how to transform your dancing! You will be so proud of yourself for starting today!

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