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Dear Sexy New Dancer, 

I know. It is scary to think that you're just a few clicks away from coming into this beautiful space and dancing with me. 

A lot happens in the studio aside from dance. We peel back emotional barriers, we get vulnerable, and we learn a lot about ourselves.

Our bodies change, we get healthier, we get ... SEXIER. And it's not because we weren't ever sexy. It's just we lost the feeling of being sexy. We either forgot how to feel it because we went through some serious stuff or we never felt it. Mostly because every time we got an opportunity to, we were brought down by haters or horrible men or our shameful society and began to second guess our very being. 

Well it's time to take it back! It's time to reclaim your sexy self! 

We grew up and our bodies changed. We gained weight, we lost it, had babies, got married, experienced LIFE.

And for all the amazing things our bodies do for us, we still hate it. We fixate on our rolls, love handles, cellulite, small boobs, big thighs... I mean, we tear ourselves apart. It's sad and we are never satisfied. We always want more.

I've been dancing since the age of 2 and I haven't stopped! Dance has always been a constant. Something in life I could depend on, something that I could turn to in times of happiness, sadness, despair, and gratitude. 

I'm hoping it will be the same for you. Because like you, I have struggled with my body, too. I have felt the feeling of wanting to just cut, with scissors, my fat off.


I have learned how to:

  • love my body for what it does.

  • achieve balance with food.

  • appreciate my body in the state that it is currently in.

You can learn this too!

Dance provides us a place to feel, a place to accept, a place to be loved and to love ourselves. Dance allows us to release stress and to be free - without judgement!

Our dance family is one of a kind, and you will be welcomed as soon as you walk in.

I am so happy you are on the road to finding yourself, and I am here to help in every step of the way.

Dance with me, talk to us, explore the goodness in your body!


See you on the dance floor,



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