Payment, Terms & Conditions

The fee is to be paid in advance of services, and is necessary to guarantee a negotiated contract. Fees may be paid in full or monthly, and are individually negotiated with the client. Monthly payments are to be made monthly on date of first purchase. Payments are accepted by credit card through Wix. Upon completion of contract terms detailed on the first page of this document, further services can be discussed and negotiated between the client and the studio. Contracts get automatically renewed unless otherwise specified. I agree that, in the event of any claim or grievance by the client against Krissy’s Dance & Fitness Studio, LLC is not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages beyond the total amount of fees paid by the client. No refunds are to be expected within the year the contract is issued.

Studio Services and Commitments Include the Following:

-tailored classes

-personalized playlists

-exclusive class sizes

-holding class regularly as scheduled

-continuing instructor education to ensure the best classes possible

-creating innovative and fun speciality classes, events, and choreography

Client Commitments Include:

-being respectful to self and others

-wearing clean shoes so that the studio stays safe and clean

-paying on time each month

Clients will be required to sign a liability waiver before attending their first class.


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